Size + Care Guide - Luxe Wholesale Jewellery
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Size + Care Guide


All of our stainless steel blanks and bails are cast from a mold (they are not cut from a sheet), they are then finished and polished one at a time by hand using various polishing tools. This means the sizing can fluctuate from the advertised sizing, we allow a small variance +/-  please take this into account when ordering.

When casting the metal always shrinks, and then during polishing it shrinks again even further, depending on the person polishing the batch it may vary. We do our best to ensure the mold is made slightly bigger than our anticipated end result, and we also try to ensure the sizing advertised is correct or as close to the size.


If you are wanting something that is exactly the same size to the exact 0.0mm then you’re looking for a piece that is cut from sheet metal, which is not what Custom Jewellery Wholesale is about. We do our best to ensure that the products are as close to the advertised dimensions as possible, give or take small +/-

Example: Our DELUXE range is advertised as 1.5mm thick, this can sometimes be made to 1.4mm or 1.65mm thick


We offer a few different lengths of chains, some styles we offer more choices than others.


Luxe Wholesale Jewellery pendants are all measured in mm. To give you an idea of our thicknesses to gauge, we have a conversion chart to assist you.


Luxe Wholesale Jewellery products are all made from high-quality jewellery grade stainless steel and finished with a high shine polish, leaving little work for you to do.

Our Stainless products just need a light wipe with a microfibre cloth (we sell these if you need to purchase some for you to use and also provide to your customers) to remove any fingermarks. We recommend no need for lacquers, abrasives, tumbling or silver polishing cloths as it will damage the plating on the Gold IP and Rose Gold IP pieces.


As recommended it is advisable to remove jewellery before entering swimming pools/jacuzzis and before carrying out activities where jewellery could come into contact with chemicals. Note metal on metal can scratch and affect the surface finish. Please take this into account when designing pieces where the metal or objects can continually rub against each other.