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Running your own business is not as easy as some think. There are days where you just don’t stop thinking about anything else but the business, the never ending to do list, the sometimes second guessing decisions or timing of things, the fact that you are THE one stop shop for every aspect of the business.

All of this on top of the fact that for most of us we have children, we manage the household (because #girlsruntheworld ), finding that balance isn’t easy.

How do you manage the balance? Do you take time for self care? #selfcareisimportant

It’s taken me a while and I’m finally getting a good balance now. It hasn’t been an easy road and there have definitely been times I’ve thought about going back to “9 to 5” but that thought never lasted long. I’d much prefer the current option.

I’ve learnt to write lists, I write everything down that way not only do I NOT forget but I also can plan my time. When I step out of the office, I’m not at work and I’m ‘present’ with my family. I try and stay away from my phone, and not check work messages etc. Then the next time I go back into the office and look at my diary (yep if you didn’t already know I’m a big paper planner person, I can’t live without my #heycontrolfreak diary).

If I think of something while I’m out of the office, then I just note it down and address it when I’m back in the zone.

This is working for me at the moment, I can focus when I need to, I am not feeling burnt out and the biggest thing is I’m not up doing the late nights anymore, as I’m able to manage the workload better. I’m getting some me time, this is a must for me, I find I focus better and get through the day better. My must have me time is the gym in the morning once kids are at school. It’s time for me to listen to some music and zone out of EVERYTHING going on. The days I don’t go, I’m not a focused as the days I do go, and my moods aren’t the same. Even if I can’t get to the gym like during the school holidays it’s challenging, I do a workout at home and get out in the fresh air with the kids and the dog.

Selfcare is sooo important when we’re living busy lives. Even if it’s just 10 minutes to sit with a cuppa and a biscuit and no interruptions and just relax for a minute. No planning, no thinking about what needs to be done next, just a few moments of bliss.

I’d love to hear what your regular or Must-Have ‘me time’ is?  And if you’re not doing it, get onto it now. YOU are soo important, YOU’RE steering the boat, YOUR family needs you to be on top of your game. And DON’T feel guilty for taking some ME time.

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