We are LIVE! - Luxe Wholesale Jewellery
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We are LIVE!

We are LIVE!

Woohooo it’s been a massive what feels like several months but it’s realistically only been a few weeks.

Changing our name has been something we’ve been looking at for a very long time, but finding the right fit took some time.

Throughout the last 6 months there has been alot of analysis around every part of the business, and where does it sit in line with the goals and plans as well as where do our customers see us going.

I have to admit sitting down and analysing every aspect of the business is a scary and overwhelming thing, but it’s so vital in so many ways. It’s been draining and led to moments of alot of second guessing decisions, and what if’s. I knew in my gut things were on the right track but numbers can be scary sometimes. But they’re all done PHEW, and the goals and visions were clear, and best of all they all aligned YES!!!! (insert fist pump)

Anyway with this clarity it mean’t time for the name change, and time for a platform that could really grow and develop with the business rather than approaching things with a bandaid work around. I met an amazing designer through a business coaching community and right from the get go she just got me, she knew what I wanted without me having to really go into alot of detail. It was scary taking that leap as I’d previously done all of our branding and work on the site myself, but I needed the expertise if I was going to pull it off.

And wow, it’s been worth every cent. I’m absolutely in love with the result, and the look and feel of everything. It’s also meant I haven’t been snowed and as stressed as I would have if I tackled it myself.  Sure there were very long hours towards the end of things, but for the majority of it, it was smooth sailing and the worry levels were minimal. And the end results is more than I could have handled myself, not to mention we’re now set up for some BIG THINGS.

The biggest change has  been the we’ve structured the menus. Rather than separating all the type of materials, we’ve grouped them all together, and sorted them into type of product. BUT if you notice on the right side there are some funky little filters there which you can click on to see things at a quick glance. We’ll be adding to these as time goes on.


We’re so excited about what’s to come over the next few months and can’t wait to share the news with you all.


Brenda x